Who develops for Good Dog - HEEL?

Who develops for the Good Dog? Lead curator Milly is accompanied by a select team of highly regarded artists and solidity developers.
Milly (HEEL Curator)
A creative-rebel with a unique mindset for creating culture & brand development. Trusted deeply by the Good Dog community, Milly simply builds their vision through thick and thin, with a burning passion.

Artists & Solidity Developers

Good Dog has multiple artists that specialize in all creative aspects from character creation to trait generation for metadata on a NFT collection. These artists have worked on a plethora of successful blockchain projects and are currently known for creating beautiful, original art scenes that represent the Good Dog *HEEL* brand. Good Dog is lucky enough to have highly experienced solidity developers aiding the cause of becoming a household Web3 brand. These developers are blockchain specialists and have so far proved it by creating the Good Dog - HEEL Token, Good Dog Website, HEEL v1.0 NFT contract & collection, HEEL v2.0 NFT contract & collection, HEEL NFT minting websites, multiple Metadata updates after launch & Good Dog House staking platform for HEEL NFTS & tokens. There are endless possibilities with this tight knit, passionate, in-house Good Dog team.

Good Dog Community

A team can have the most talented developers in the world but if there is no passionate community behind the vision to support it; no one will see the project. Luckily, Good Dog has been organically building its community from day one. The community supports, follows and ultimately carries out the vision of Milly.