🏡Good Dog House Q&A

Commonly asked questions about the Good Dog House staking dApp with simple answers!

What is the Good Dog House? The Good Dog House is an original staking platform by HEEL to utilize HEEL NFTs and HEEL tokens simultaneously. Do I need HEEL tokens to enter the Good Dog House? Yes. The minimum amount is 100 HEEL tokens to gain entry into the GDH. If the connected wallet does not hold these tokens, you will not be allowed to enter until you do. Do I need HEEL NFTs to enter the Good Dog House? Yes. The current minimum amount is 1 My Good Dog NFT to gain entry into the GDH. If the connected wallet does not hold an NFT, you will not be allowed to enter until you do. Can I enter the Good Dog House without staking? Yes. As long as you have at least 100 HEEL Tokens & 1 My Good Dog NFT, you may enter inside the GDH without having to stake anything. Can I leave the Good Dog House at anytime? Users have the option to un-stake & leave the GDH at any time they choose to.

Do I need to pay ETH gas fees to stake in the Good Dog House? Yes. Users staking will need to pay the associated gas fees on the Ethereum network. Typical gas fees depend on how busy the Ethereum network is at any current moment. It can range anywhere from $1 to $5 per NFT staked. What rewards do I get for staking in the Good Dog House? In an effort to avoid a standard approach to staking protocols, HEEL rewards are centered around upgradeable traits and unique rare traits. These rewards can also include guaranteed minting spots, potential free minting spots, qualification to receive HEEL merchandise, & more. Don't forget the ultimate reward of a one-of-a-kind user-experience. Do I claim trait rewards inside of the Good Dog House? Yes. Once your staking time is complete, you will claim your rewards in the Good Dog House through a random-trait-generator reward system. Do I need to pay gas to claim my upgraded trait rewards? No. Users with staked NFTs in the Good Dog House will not pay any gas fees when claiming upgraded trait rewards. Can I keep my NFT staked in the Good Dog House after a Staking Wave is completed? Yes. Users may keep NFTs staked inside the Good Dog House even after wave rewards are claimed. The main benefit of keeping NFTs staked is saving gas fees from staking/un-staking wave-to-wave. You can also enjoy the comfort of the GDH anytime you feel necessary! Keeping NFTs staked will also bring eligibility for potential free mint spot reward for upcoming v3.0 collection.

Can I stake HEEL NFTs or HEEL tokens on their own, without a combination? In this early stage, no. Users need a combination of tokens and an NFT to stake. As the staking waves progress and the Good Dog House is able to evolve with more added features, this answer will be changed into a "Yes". Is it possible to see which NFTs have completed certain staking waves on Opensea? Yes. If an NFT has completed a staking wave, it has an added trait in the "Levels" tab. Under the traits on Opensea, there is a "Levels" tab. NFTs that have been upgraded from staking have an "Upgrade Level 1 of 1" trait, for Wave 2, "Upgraded Level 2 of 2", etc. If my wallet no longer holds HEEL tokens, what happens to my staked NFTS? The NFTs will remain in the Good Dog House staking contract until you re-enter to un-stake them, with the address you originally staked with. The dApp will tell you how many tokens you need to enter if you're missing some. Will the Good Dog House be Shibarium compatible? The goal is to make the GDH Shibarium compatible with a simple click of a button. This would allow even more options on another chain.

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