Shibarium, Shib the Metaverse & HEEL

HEEL is inspired by Ryoshi & their ultimate vision for SHIB. Supporting the SHIB brand, the Shibarium, & Shib the Metaverse is important to HEEL.

HEEL Token + SHIBARIUM Liquidity Pool Migration

  • Pairing tokens from HEEL treasury with BONE, bridging through the SHIB appointed dApp
  • Assuming ShibaSwap 2.0 has rewards for liquidity providers, users who add liquidity to HEEL will likely be eligible in the case rewards are available
  • As the SHIBARIUM Network becomes fully secure, HEEL holders will take a majority vote to move more liquidity from Ethereum to the SHIBARIUM as unlock gets closer.
  • HEEL token will hold gain more utility in future developed dApps & potential partnerships


  • HEEL Free NFT Mint likely to be released via PawZaar NFT Marketplace
  • Percentage of royalties ideally dedicated to Good Dog House stakers
  • Percentage of royalties to burn BONE or SHIB on a potential bi-weekly basis

HEEL + SHIB the Metaverse

  • Offering 'Design as a Service' for any other SHIB MV land plot owners who'd like to utilize the HEEL creative touch
  • Connecting with official Shib the MV advisors to complete mutually beneficial cooperations, art collaborations or commissions
  • Hosting Good Dog Art Exhibits & Music Events
  • Tails & Travels NFTs will act as exclusive tickets to HEEL events within Shib the Metaverse. 
Each unique NFT will be assigned within a database & valid as one entry per NFT
  • Creating a replication of the Good Dog House, within the Metaverse, as its own exhibit
  • Building a HEEL-inspired Doggie Day Care center for all Metaverse dogs to come & visit

Good Dog House — SHIBARIUM Compatibility

  • There are visions of allowing SHIB holders to stake a certain amount over a period of time, to then receive a HEEL NFT reward. This could allow SHIB holders to become a part of the HEEL ecosystem for free while utilizing our spectacular GDH dApp

Shiboshi (Just Ideas!)

We imagine building a platform where Shiboshi NFT holders can enter, enjoy a fun user-experience while being able to stake their Shiboshi NFT for a variety of rewards. This platform could be similar to the Good Dog House but exclusively overseen by SHIB. We believe with their blessing it could be a great way to drive new engagement to the Shiboshis.