🐕Young Ryoshi & Shiba

The Good Dog brand is centered around its originally made characters, 'Young Ryoshi & Shiba'. The lively adventures of a boy & his dog, visualizing the journey of a lifetime.

Young Ryoshi

An adventurous soul with a heightened sense of intuition. An introspective character who seeks the deeper meaning of life's simplest pleasures. Led by decentralized thoughts, growing up in a world riddled with corruption. While he deemed it possible, we imagine not even Ryo himself could see what was truly going to materialize before shib became... SHIB.


Young Ryoshi's best friend, through thick and thin. A special dog who at times seemed to act more like a human, than a dog itself. Shiba is simply always happy to be by your side. Smarter than your average canine and loyal as they come.

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