🏡GDH: Staking Wave 2 (NFT Rewards)

Exclusive to Good Dog House Stakers who've already completed Staking Wave 1

GDH Staking Wave 2: Specific Information

  • Users must have completed Wave 1 Staking to be eligible for Wave 2 rewards

  • Wave 2 rewards will be proportionate based on total time spent in the GDH combined with total number of NFTs staked

  • Users will receive their NFT rewards directly to their staking wallets, without needing to claim or sign any transactions

Wave 2: Staking Rewards

  • There are 500 NFTs from the Tails & Travels collection dedicated to Staking Wave 2 rewards

  • NFT Allocations to be distributed once per week over a four-week span. 25% of the NFT reward pool sent each designated week to GDH stakers June 23rd

    June 30th July 7th July 14th

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