🐕Shibacals & HEEL

HEEL is officially working with Shibacals to bring a digital vision to life!

What is Shibacals? (https://Shibacals.com) Shibacals is a unique In-Real-Life component of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem! Shibacals transforms digital NFTs into authenticated, high-quality, adorable physical items like toys, plushies, & more. Shibacals has recently become an official partner of Shiba Inu token! How will HEEL collaborate with Shibacals? Shibacals will be creating 3D prototypes HEEL characters, Young Ryoshi and Shiba. Shibacals is the official In-Real-Life component of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem. HEEL will be represented by Shibacals at the upcoming ETH Toronto event by a custom 18-inch prototype of the HEEL Characters. Alongside the 18-inch showcase prototype, Shibacals will also be creating a smaller batch supply of 6-inch HEEL figurines. This smaller version will pave the way for an exclusive line of HEEL 3D Collectibles, which will be made available exclusively to HEEL Token/NFT holders. These figurines will all contain an NFC Authentication Tags. NFC chips by Shibacals paves the way to post-purchase delights like VIP-access or surprise coupons. They help to bridge the gap between physical and digital assets. This line of collectibles marks the first official HEEL product line and offers a unique opportunity for HEEL enthusiasts to own a piece of this innovative brand.

  • Shibacals is producing an initial small supply batch of high quality 6-inch HEEL character Figurines

  • HEEL Figurines will be exclusively offered to HEEL NFT/token holders, Purchase details to come

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