🐕HEEL v2.0 NFT: My Good Dog

The official second NFT collection in the Good Dog Ecosystem. 1,555 digital collectibles representing the Good Dog brand.

Utility HEEL v2.0 - My Good Dog NFT: https://opensea.io/collection/my-good-dog-nft My Good Dog NFTs can be staked in the Good Dog House staking dApp for unique rewards. Overview 1,555 total supply. First 300 NFTs in collection reserved as free claims for each HEEL NFT v1.0 token IDs. This collection sold out within 10 minutes! All 300 v1.0 NFTs receive a free mint-claim for the My Good Dog collection. Claims will be eligible on the official HEEL Mint website. 300 Mints are reserved and claimable for each of the v1.0 NFTs on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no time limit to claim v1.0 mints as the 300 mints are hard-coded and reserved for each of the HEEL v1.0 NFTs. Public mint price is 0.0325 Ethereum each. Public must also be holding minimum 50 HEEL tokens in wallet, to be eligible to mint, verified by NFT smart contract. One wallet can hold a maximum of 50 NFTs. There is a mint maximum limit of 15 NFTs per transaction. Minting proceeds going directly back into the Good Dog Ecosystem to enhance staking protocol, brand development, & future creative endeavors. My Good Dog collection will have a 5% royalty to further develop the ecosystem and feed the Good Dog Collective. Good Dog Discord: https://discord.gg/z2Qg32dHU4

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