🐕HEEL v1.0 NFT

It all began with a collection of 300 HEEL NFTs. These v1.0 HEEL NFTs act as mint passes for all future HEEL collections. This collection contains 0% creator fees.

Utility HEEL v1.0 NFT: https://opensea.io/collection/heel-nft These NFTs act as mint passes for all future Good Dog *HEEL* collections! Overview

This first collection to begin representation of the Good Dog brand, minted live in November, 2022. At a mint price of 0.0285 per NFT, this collection sold-out after 48 hours. Select NFTs began 'evolving' certain NFTs in the collection with special traits. Specific trait holders sent their NFTs in, unknowing what would happen next. They became upgraded with rare backgrounds before getting returned at no cost to the owner. A never-before-seen development within a NFT Web3 Project.

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