🐕HEEL v3.0 NFT: Tails & Travels

Tails & Travels is the third NFT collection (v3.0) within the Good Dog — HEEL Ecosystem. This series continues the story of HEEL’s original characters: Young Ryoshi, Shiba, & a few friends (+ foes).

Utility HEEL v3.0 - My Good Dog NFT: https://opensea.io/collection/tails-travels Tails & Travels NFTs will act as exclusive tickets to HEEL events within Shib the Metaverse. 
Each unique NFT will be assigned within a database & valid as one entry per NFT. They are also official digital collectibles representing the HEEL brand. Overview Collection Title: Tails & Travels — The Adventures of Young Ryoshi & Shiba Total Supply: 3,111 NFTs Mint Site: https://Heel-Mint.com (.01 ETH each)

Tails & Travels by HEEL

Tails & Travels v3.0 collection will expand the HEEL Ecosystem to even greater heights & open a new audience to enter our community. This collection will develop HEEL IP to an even higher standard while allowing us to push new creative boundaries & create real world partnerships. A necessary step for the Good Dog Foundation to ignite a new decentralized flame. HEEL will bridge 500 Tails & Travels NFTs to the Shibarium. These NFTs will act as rewards to HEEL holders who bridge tokens to the Shibarium. The objective is simple: incentivizing the HEEL community to join the Shibarium & do our part helping expand the network. These select 500 NFTs will also be receiving an entire new art scene making them even more rare in the future! 

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