What is Good Dog - HEEL?

Good Dog *HEEL* is a decentralized Web3 brand creating original characters, content, and decentralized applications. Developing the lore of Young Ryoshi & Shiba among others!

What is Good Dog *HEEL*?

Good Dog HEEL is a decentralized Web3 brand developing original characters, art, content & decentralized applications. HEEL token birthed the HEEL Ecosystem; publicly launched in August 2022 on the Ethereum blockchain. Overseen by a partly doxxed & partly anonymous team of developers that remain a highly proven & experienced collective of talented artists & blockchain professionals. HEEL is governed by a ‘Do-First Mentality’. Instead of asking for something to be done, show initiative by proposing solutions and new ideas for the betterment of the entire community.

What inspired the creation of HEEL?

Being inspired & directly affected by the vision of Ryoshi himself, the Shiba Inu creator. Creating an exceptional visual of Young Ryoshi & Shiba in a positive manner, has always been important to the HEEL vision. Our personal depiction & visualizations. Creating a paramount user-experience is & always has been the greatest motive for the Good Dog Collective. An original brand that backs the inner visions of our predecessors. Adding value & never extracting it. This is our depiction & one of our contributions to the holy Shiba.

What is the Good Dog Ecosystem?

The Good Dog *HEEL* ecosystem currently includes: - HEEL Token (Good Dog) - v1.0 NFT - 'HEEL': https://opensea.io/collection/heel-nft - v2.0 NFT - ‘My Good Dog': https://opensea.io/collection/my-good-dog-nft - v3.0 NFT - 'Tails & Travels': https://opensea.io/collection/tails-travels - Good Dog House Staking dApp: https://GoodDog.House Disclaimer: HEEL tokens & NFTs are strictly for creative ecosystem purposes and creating unique user-experience, only. Nobody affiliated with HEEL obligated, qualified nor responsible for offering any type of financial advice. Users are required to do their own research, on their own accord.