GDH: Staking Wave 2 (Anticipated in June)

Staking Wave 2, Anticipated to open during June 2023! Exclusive to My Good Dog NFTs. Must have completed Staking Wave 1 to receive Wave 2 eligibility.

GDH Staking Wave 2: Specific Information

Exact reward parameters & details TBA SOON! Please be patient while our engineers determine fair mechanics. Formula: If a user is staking xx amount of My Good Dog NFTs for xx Days, they will be eligible to claim xx Tails & Travels NFT(s) within the Good Dog House.
  • Designed to benefit long-term staking users.
  • Users currently staking will be rewarded based on total time spent in the GDH combined with number of NFTs staked
  • Regarding Entering the GDH, HEEL Token & My Good Dog NFT ratios will be the same as Wave 1.

Wave 2: Staking Rewards

  • There will be 400 NFTs from the Tails & Travels collection, used within the Staking Wave 2 rewards pool.