Staking Rewards Mentality

In conjunction with Good Dog's unique line of branding, future staking in the Dog House will be an entire different model compared to what's categorized as, 'normal'.
The Good Dog team holds the mind-state of making their own path and subsequently going against the grain of the greater majority. Creating a unique experience and giving real value back into the project is what's most important. For most staking protocols, it's all about making a set % of $ returns in x amount of time; and when the pool runs dry, the project loses it's shine to the public.
That's why for Dog House staking... there are no ponzinomic-styled reward tiers. Surprise! Staking reward eligibility will begin after a user has staked for a minimum of 30 days. Rewards will include a mixed variety: NFTs, Free claims eligibility, rare trait upgrades, common upgradeable traits, HEEL tokens, merchandise, & more. Adding value back into the art itself by evolving traits & metadata. End goal of becoming a fully decentralized protocol where users can choose their own traits to upgrade for each NFT.