Shibarium L2 Support

The Shibarium is the official layer two blockchain for the entire SHIB Ecosystem. Good Dog is inspired by Ryoshi & their vision for SHIB. Supporting the Shibarium is important to Good Dog *HEEL*
Good Dog plans to migrate a HEEL Token liquidity pool to the Shibarium, in true support of the decentralized mission. Good Dog will work to contribute on some of the first decentralized applications (dApps) on the Shibarium. Good Dog developers wish to release one of the first NFT collections exclusively minted on the Shibarium. Members representing the Good Dog team will do their best in finding bugs and contributing to the Shibarium Hackathon, before the public beta. When a new Ecosystem is constructed, there remains a necessity for builders to come & create within uncharted territories. Paws on the ground, Good Dogs guarding the vision & integrity of our ancestors.