Shibarium & Shib the MV Support + Shiboshi Ideas

HEEL is inspired by Ryoshi & their ultimate vision for SHIB. Supporting the SHIB brand, the Shibarium, & Shib the Metaverse is very important to us.
Shibarium Efforts Good Dog plans to migrate a HEEL Token liquidity pool to the Shibarium, in true support of the decentralized mission. Good Dog will work to contribute on some of the first decentralized applications (dApps) on the Shibarium. Good Dog developers wish to release one of the first NFT collections exclusively minted on the Shibarium. When a new Ecosystem is constructed, there remains a necessity for builders to come & create within uncharted territories. Paws on the ground, Good Dogs guarding the vision & integrity of our ancestors. Shib Yard Metaverse Land The Good Dog treasury has acquired our plot of SHIB Metaverse land aka Shib Yard. The highest ranking land-tier of 'Diamond Teeth' located in the Growth district. Our premium Shib Yard land plot will enable us to build the HEEL brand within the official SHIB Metaverse. Plans of hosting Good Dog art exhibits, replicating the Good Dog-House, a Metaverse doggie-daycare, hosting events & more. Integrating the HEEL brand within the Shib Yard will be beneficial for both sides. HEEL - Shib Yard Land: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0xefaed650f1a94801806bb110019d9b0dc79531a8/6029325​
Shiboshi Ideas We imagine building a platform where Shiboshi NFT holders can enter, enjoy a fun user-experience while being able to stake their Shiboshi NFT for a variety of rewards. This platform could be similar to the Good Dog House but exclusively overseen by SHIB. We believe with their blessing it could be a great way to drive new engagement to the Shiboshis.