3D Rendered Characters

The Good Dog Collective has a highly talented 3D artist team, who are helping to bring our 'Young Ryoshi and Shiba' characters to life. Bringing quality to new heights for the Good Dog brand
When you think ‘Metaverse’ you likely think about 3D renditions of characters brought to life in their own world. Very early models of 3D rendered clips for Young Ryoshi and Shiba characters are available on the Good Dog Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@HEELtoken​
The Good Dog team has recently acquired a new 3D specialized artist who will bring 3D quality to new heights for our brand. Quality over everything else. Shib Yard Metaverse Land: The Good Dog treasury has acquired our plot of SHIB Metaverse land aka Shib Yard. The highest ranking land-tier of 'Diamond Teeth' located in the Growth district. Our premium Shib Yard land plot will enable us to build the HEEL brand within the official SHIB Metaverse. Plans of hosting Good Dog art exhibits, replicating the Good Dog-House, a Metaverse doggie-daycare (details to come), hosting events & more. Integrating the HEEL brand within the Shib Yard will be beneficial for both sides. HEEL - Shib Yard Land: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0xefaed650f1a94801806bb110019d9b0dc79531a8/6029325