HEEL v3.0 NFT: Tails & Travels

Tails & Travels is the third NFT collection (v3.0) within the Good Dog — HEEL Ecosystem. This series continues the story of HEEL’s original characters: Young Ryoshi, Shiba, & a few friends (+ foes).
Collection Title: Tails & Travels — The adventures of Young Ryoshi & Shiba Total Supply: 4,444 NFTs (300 reserved for v1.0 NFT holders, 444 reserved for various Good Dog House staking reward pools, collaborations & giveaways. 225 reserved as early discounted mint passes) Mint Price: 0.0375 ETH Mint Date: May 28th, 8:00pm UTC Mint Site: https://Heel-Mint.com Transaction Mint Max: 20 Maximum Wallet: 60 NFT Reveal: 48 Hours after mint opens Public Mint or Whitelist: Mint open & available to anyone; 3475 NFTs publicly available for minting

Let’s Talk Details

  • 10% of the Tails & Travels collection, (444 NFTs) will be held back & added as staking reward within the Good Dog House, giveaways, collaborations
  • 300 NFTS are reserved as free mints for the original 300 HEEL v1.0 NFT collection holders. These free mints must be redeemed within 60 days after v3.0 collection mint goes live. If there are unclaimed v1.0 free mints remaining after 60 days, the leftover NFTs will be minted by the Good Dog team, & used for giveaways, collaborations & promotions
  • 225 NFTs reserved as early discounted Mint Passes. (https://opensea.io/collection/heelmintpass) Those holding Tails & Travels Mint Passes will be sent their respective amount of NFTs two hours after v3.0 collection mint officially goes live
  • 25% of mint proceeds go directly to the Good Dog Foundation — HEEL Governance via SnapShot (https://snapshot.org/#/heeltoken.eth). HEEL token holders delegate their voting powers on created proposals. This will be supported by a community appointed multi-signature safe, which will have trusted HEEL community leaders on it. Good Dog Foundation will also collect 25% of royalties from NFT trades directly from the Tails & Travels v3.0 collection. The Good Dog Foundation will be able to vote on where to best use the portion of the initial minting proceeds & potential royalties
  • There will be no requirement to hold HEEL tokens within a minting wallet. However, in order to enter the Good Dog House staking dApp, holding HEEL tokens will be required. Shortly after minting out, the Good Dog House staking platform will open its doors to all collection v3.0 holders for a cozy stay.

Minting Proceeds Expenditure

25% of mint proceeds go directly to the Good Dog Foundation multi-sig (HEEL Governance) along with 25% of all future royalties collected from NFT trades. These funds sent to the GDF will be able to vote on proposals to discuss an array of subjects like: Marketing endeavors, CEX listing, liquidity adds, burns, staking reward ideas or anything else the community decides to vote for.
The rest of the minting proceeds will be dedicated to the following listed endeavors:
  • Develop & release HEEL token staking as its own feature within the GDH. Delegate percentage to staking rewards
  • Enhancing the Good Dog House with extreme detail
  • 3rd party Audit for Good Dog House staking smart-contract
  • HEEL website complete remake & upgrade
  • Shibarium Liquidity Pool reservations. Holding funds (Likely 10K) in treasury dedicated to the upcoming HEEL//BONE paired Shibarium liquidity pool. Provided by HEEL tokens from the HEEL treasury
  • Completing & finalizing 3D NFT collection to exclusively mint on the Shibarium Network
  • Further research & development on the HEEL children’s book prototype
  • Development costs for HEEL animated short-series, to be exclusively released on YouTube
  • Research & development for HEEL real world collectibles
  • Repaying v3.0 collection initial funding costs to back-end team
  • Growth advisors, collaborations
  • First official HEEL Merchandise drop
  • Developing & finalizing special top-secret NFT art collection, to be airdropped to snapshotted v1.0 NFT holders who held v1.0 NFTs in same wallet as they were staking v2.0 NFTs in the Good Dog House

HEEL — Decentralized Web3 Brand/Company

Good Dog — HEEL is a humble, extremely talented, passionate, & a self-funded collective. Our brand, our characters, our vision… this is all part of our community. Because our belief of decentralization, we do not rely on private firms, venture capital investments or any outside sources whatsoever. We only rely on our willing community. For that reason, we believe this is our designated rocket-ship & this will be our last *paid* mint for quite a long time. A decentralized brand & company. The overall goal is to unify the HEEL community into a truly decentralized company — not one single person in charge — not one single person who is relied upon for HEELs success — a collective effort from everyone together.
Tails & Travels v3.0 collection will expand the HEEL Ecosystem to even greater heights & open a new audience to enter our community. This collection will develop HEEL IP to an even higher standard while allowing us to push new creative boundaries & create real world partnerships. A necessary step for our expansion. A necessary step for the Good Dog Foundation to ignite a new decentralized flame.