It all began with a collection of 300 HEEL NFTs. These (Evolving) HEEL NFTs act as mint passes for all future HEEL collections. This collection contains 0% creator fees.
HEEL v1.0 NFT: OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/heel-nft Overview
This first collection to begin representation of the Good Dog brand, minted live in November, 2022. At a mint price of 0.0285 per NFT, this collection sold-out after 48 hours. Milly and the Good Dog team began 'evolving' certain NFTs in the collection with special traits. Specific trait holders sent their NFTs to Milly's wallet & Milly upgraded these with rare backgrounds before returning them; at no cost to the original NFT owner. A never-before-seen development within a NFT Web3 Project. These NFTs act as mint passes for all future Good Dog *HEEL* collections.

Legend of the Evolving NFTs!